tDOM 0.9.0


tDOM 在很長一段時間的 0.8.3 以後,釋出了一個新版 v0.9.0。這版加入了 JSON 的支援,並且在編譯時開啟 html5 選項(需要連結 Google Gumbo html parser library)的情況下就有 html5 parser 可以用。

tDOM contains:

    *  for convenience expat 2.2.0, the XML parser originated from
       James Clark, although you're able to link tDOM with other
       expat versions or the library provided by the system.
    *  building a DOM tree from XML in one go implemented in C for
       maximum performance and minimum memory usage, and DOM I and II
       methods to work on such a tree using either a OO-like or a
       handle syntax.
    *  a Tcl interface to expat for event-like (SAX-like) XML parsing.
    *  a complete, compliant and fast XPath implementation in C
       following the November 99 W3C recommendation for navigating and
       data extraction.
    *  a fast XSLT implementation in C following the W3C Recommendation
       16 November 1999.
    *  optional DTD validation.
    *  a JSON parser which parses any possible JSON input into a DOM
       tree without losing information.
    *  an efficient and Tcl'ish way to create XML and HTML documents
       and JSON string.
    *  as build option an interface to the gumbo HTML5 parser, which
       also digests almost any other HTML.
    *  an even faster simple XML parser for trusted XML input.
    *  additional convenience methods.