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FreeWrap 6.64 released

在 com.lang.tcl 上看到訊息:
ANNOUNCE: FreeWrap 6.64 released

Tcl/Tk 版本已更新到 8.6.3,Tcllib 更新到 v1.16。下面是更新的內容:
Changes implemented in version 6.64

  1. FreeWrap 6.64 is based on TCL/TK 8.6.3
  2. The 64-bit Windows version has tcllib1.16 included (instead of tcllib1.15).
  3. FreeWrap 6.64 now returns the correct time stamp for a file contained within a wrapped application or within a ZIP archive.
  4. The following additional ttk themes are now installed into freeWrap.
    - aquablue
    - aquativo
    - black
    - blue
    - clearlooks
    - keramik
    - keramik_alt
    - plastik
    - radiance
    - winxpblue


tdbc::sqlite3 test script

只是測試用的 script。


package require tdbc::sqlite3
tdbc::sqlite3::connection create db "sample.db" 

set statement [db prepare {drop table if exists person}]
$statement execute
$statement close

set statement [db prepare {create table person (id integer, name varchar(40))}]
$statement execute
$statement close

set statement [db prepare {insert into person values(1, 'leo')}]
$statement execute
$statement close

set statement [db prepare {insert into person values(2, 'yui')}]
$statement execute
$statement close

set statement [db prepare {SELECT * FROM person}]

$statement foreach row {
    puts [dict get $row id]
    puts [dict get $row name]

$statement close
db close


SQLite extension

Tcl 的 source package 已經有內建 SQLite,放置在 pkgs 的目錄裡。

如果要自己編譯一份最新的 (使用 MinGW/MSYS),我目前的做法是這樣:

首先去 SQLite 的下載網頁,下載 C source code as an amalgamation. Also includes a "configure" script and TEA makefiles for the TCL Interface. 這一個檔案。以目前的版本為例,就是 sqlite-autoconf-3080800.tar.gz

再來是建好一個 SQLite 的目錄,以目前的版本為例,就是 sqlite3.8.8

解壓縮從 SQLite 下載網頁下載的檔案以後,可以看到裡面有一個 tea 目錄,將 tea 目錄下的全部檔案都複製到剛好建立的 sqlite3.8.8 下,然後將 sqlite3.c 複製到 sqlite3.8.8 下的 generic 目錄。


make install