Tcl Extension Archive (teapot)

Tcl Extension Archive

From Tcler's Wiki 的解釋:

The Tcl Extension Archive is a repository of Tcl extensions hosted by ActiveState. Both pure-Tcl and compiled extensions are included, for Windows, Unix and MacOS X platforms. The URL of the archive is http://teapot.activestate.com/

如果使用 ActiveTcl,可以使用 Tcl Extension Archive (teapot) client - Teacup 來查詢與安裝 package,比較常用的應該都可以找到。

Teapot Repos

根據 Tcler's Wiki 的資料,有下列的 Repos 可以使用:
而網頁的列表,就是目前有收集的 packages。


freeWrap 6.63

ANNOUNCE: freeWrap 6.63 released

Changes implemented in version 6.63
  1. Wrapping across operating systems has been corrected:
  2. a) between 32-bit and 64-bit Linux
    b) from Windows to Linux
  3. Temporary file names used by freeWrap during the wrapping process have been modified to prevent possible collision with existing file names. This will prevent the possibility of overwriting of an existing file during wrapping.
  4. The ::freewrap::makeZIP command can now be used more than once. Previously, the first usage of the command worked while subsequent use failed with an error.
  5. Options have been added to the freeWrap command line that allow the user to control the amount of compression performed on the wrapped files. See the freeWrap documentation for details.
  6. The tcllib package included in freeWrap has been updated to version 1.16 and is located at the virtual directory of /tcllib1.16.
  7. The -i option can now be used to change the program icon when performing a cross-wrap with the -w option.

Tcl/Tk 的版本一樣是 8.6.1。


Tcl/Tk 的多國語言做法

Tcl/Tk 的多國語言做法是使用 msgcat 這個 command,他的使用概念是直接把一個字串當做是 index , 再去根據系統目前設定的語系,找出翻譯好的字串替代。

source 功能和 BASH 的 source 類似,也和 C 的 include 類似。 我們可以利用這個函數去載入翻譯檔。簡單說,就是自己判斷語系,然後自行載入翻譯檔。