Tcl Modules

Tcl Modules
TIP #189: Tcl Modules
TIP #190: Implementation Choices for Tcl Modules
TIP #191: Managing Tcl Packages and Modules in a Multi-Version Environment

A Tcl module is a package in a single file that can be sourced. (DLLs may still be embedded in that). There is no pkgIndex.tcl file, the package name and version are expressed in the module filename itself, so that version 3.14 of package foo must be named foo-3.14.tm.

"Tcl Modules" on the other hand is designed with less flexibility in mind and to allow implementations to glean as much information as possible without having to perform lots of accesses to the filesystem.

Additional benefits of the proposed design are a simplified deployment of packages, akin to the way starkits made application deployment simple, and from that an easier implementation and management of repositories.

Tcl Modules (.tm) 檔案的文件。