TclRAL: Tcl Relational Algebra Library

ANNOUNCE TclRAL Version 0.11.7 


TclRAL is a "C" based extention of the TCL language that is an implementation of the Relational Algebra. From a programmers point of view, the library is a Tcl package that introduces two new native data types and a set of commands that operate on them. The new data types are:
  • Tuple
  • Relation



A 3-D Canvas Widget For Tcl/Tk

我在閱讀 AndroWish 資料的時候,發現 AndroWish 包含了一個 3-D Canvas Widget,我想應該是用來支援 Open GL 的部份。


The 3-D Canvas Widget provides Tk programs with 3-D graphics capabilities through the use of OpenGL. But the 3-D Canvas widget is not another thin wrapper around the OpenGL interface. This widget is a much higher-level abstraction. Just as the built-in canvas widget of Tk is a high-level abstraction of the X11 drawing routines, so too the 3-D Canvas widget is a high-level abstraction of OpenGL. 

The 3dcanvas project is stable and has been in use and relatively unchanged for several years. New contributors who want to expand and enhance 3dcanvas are welcomed.

我覺得很有趣,所以從 3-D Canvas Widget timeline page 選取了 tag 1.2.1 然後下載,並且使用 MSYS/MinGW 的組合來編譯看看。

結果很順利的編譯成功,同時 demo 的部份也可以執行,所以看起來是可以使用的。